Help us show we’re a Scotland that cares.

We all need to be cared for at some point in our lives – as children, when we’re older, or due to additional support needs. In fact, care is crucial to every part of our society and the economy that serves it.

Our collective wellbeing depends on care.

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Right now, those who provide care are often under-valued and under-rewarded.

Too many carers face deep personal and financial costs, including poverty. The Covid-19 pandemic has made this injustice worse, with women – who provide the majority of care – affected most. The cost of living crisis – with rising energy, food and fuel bills – is only creating yet more pressures.

A range of actions have been taken, or are planned, in Scotland, with the potential to create positive change. But progress remains too slow and too shallow.

Those who rely on or provide care are paying the price.

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A unique collaboration of organisations has come together to create and lead this campaign, supported by research carried out by academics at the University of the West of Scotland through the UWS-Oxfam Partnership.

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